Upwork (the brand) approached my freelance partner and me directly to work on an initiative in support of working moms…a target we both know, ohhhhh, a wee bit about.  We were thrilled to join in on such a great project. And even more thrilled to get to see it through.  

The pandemic was hard on everyone–but one could certainly argue that it was hardest on working moms. In fact, in just two years, women’s careers were set back by decades as they took on the lion’s share of responsibility at home. As a hiring platform, Upwork wanted to help these moms get back on track–by launching a campaign around Mother’s Day that would remind the working world how valuable mom skills are. 
We worked with Catch & Release to find real footage of moms putting their skills to work. The anthem ran throughout the month of May on TV and online.
We repurposed assets from our anthem to create :15’s and :06’s that appeared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
We created Upwork.com/moms to be a place moms could become part of a community, learn, get inspired and connect with companies to get hired. 
I wrote a brand manifesto to help articulate the approach that would ultimately become our strategy.
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