These days, the ice cream category is filled with more incredible choices than ever.  Great news for ice cream lovers.  Not such great news for a 57-year-old brand that wants to hold onto its market share.  Haagen Dazs needed to connect with younger ice cream aficionados.  So we embraced the brand’s “experience” and created a spot that reminds people what it truly takes to create something extraordinary.

Our brand spot traces back the beginnings of extraordinary.
TV 15
We created a more ice cream-centric version to serve as our 15.

And...this is the manifesto video I wrote that started as the foundation for it all.
And our message continued to OOH. My role was as CD (over another agency that would be phasing out ) as well as writer -- including the executions below, that were just a few of the dozens that were plastered across seven key markets.  
Haagen-Dazs was adding new flavors to their TRIO collection.  The problem?  No one knew what made TRIO any different than their regular line.  We created this fun, explanatory spot to help show people exactly what sets it apart.  And in case you were wondering, yes, this ice cream is amazing.
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