This is a side project I did with another writer, Rob Rooney. What started as a comment on an article he wrote (filled with ardent enthusiasm for his words) ended up with us starting a conversation about ageism with incredible ad industry creatives over (or nearing) 50. We loved getting all the different perspectives and experiences...and are continuing to keep the conversation going with new voices from around the world.

The project continues to trend on LinkedIn, with some posts getting as many as 17,000 views (and one in particular getting over 70,000--featuring a relatively unknown 70-something). Below are some screen shots from the site. But if you have more time, I highly recommend reading each one here -- the insights these talented folks shared are brilliant, sobering and incredibly inspiring.
Below are a couple of articles that put us on the other side of the interview table.  
Click on a photos to find out more than a few of my own thoughts on getting older in our ever-changing industry.

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