What could be more amazing than getting to create work for this iconic brand?  Getting to work directly with the amazing clients who run it.  It's a collaborative match made in heaven that involves trust, creative-only decks that never extend beyond 12 pages, and a fair share of fun.
Citizen tapped my longtime freelance partner and me to act as their agency (of 2, plus a producer) to launch their new smartwatch, from scratch. We didn’t have Apple’s budget (or even a fraction of it), but we did have a whole lot of smart people who wanted some attention--and who knew in such a crowded market, our messaging needed to be sharp.  Our very first round led to the strategy:  A smarter smart watch. It also led to getting a few more dollars being dedicated to the work
How does the CZ Smartwatch make you smarter, too?  We created this OLV to help explain in an eye-catching way in just 30 seconds.  
Our whole new look, feel and voice for the brand really came to life in print and online content.
Citizen needed to convince the crowds at CES why they should care about the launch another smartwatch. We created this on-site sizzle video to articulate it in a simple, curiosity-piquing way. In the end, we helped get the brand the attention it craved—in tech publications like CNET, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, and Wired, among many more.
Eco-Drive is the purposeful technology behind most of Citizen's watches--powering watches by light so they don't need a batter. They had work that supported their brand message, but they wanted a refresh that would come from a more joyful, optimistic place. 
We created a beautiful long-form spot (plus a series of :15s and :06s) that would inspire people to make the most of every second, and, like Eco-Drive, to make a positive impact on people and our planet.  In the end we created a spot that looks like a million dollars for under $400k--with the help of the most amazing team, our incredible (and generous) director, Sean Thonson, and insanely amazing producer, Celia Williams.
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