As smart phone cameras got better and better, camera sales were getting worse every year.  So how does an iconic camera company convince people to upgrade?  Build a complicated Rube Goldberg-inspired machine for the sole purpose of showing them the amazing photos their smart phones can't capture.  I was GCD and writer on this project that was even more stressful to film than it looks.
We cut the 2-minute video into the ever-popular :15 preroll size.
We also created an interactive mobile game where people were challenged to capture the perfect water hat moment with their cell phone...and we hid a couple of messages in the .001 percent chance that they did. 
We got a bit competitive against iPhone with some "Shoot for Greatness" gifs that literally show the difference a Canon can make.
Finally, we put on an event where people could experience for themselves how easy it is to capture an amazing moment with a Canon. Located across from the Whitney Museum, our Ultimate Photo Park included a number of different stations where people could play with speed, aperture, light and perspective to create playful photos that were inspired by those in our films.

This is a different Canon project that I love that we didn't get to create for real -- because it relied on hijacking an iPhone campaign that Apple not-so-conveniently stopped running. The idea was to use AR to show people how the photo in a Shot on iPhone billboard would be even better it were shot on Canon.  All they had to do was hold their iPhone to the billboard, then watch as a pretty great shot changed into an even better one.  The whole thing might've been bad timing, but it's still a pretty darn great idea.
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